publish Google chart on website

How to get Google chart on web page? After login procedure and opening Google sheet you can get Google chart. This chart can publish on website. To access this chart on website following procedure need to be done. Fill your data in spreadsheet. Open insert menu and select chart…. Or After clicking this chart option […]

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publish Google spreadsheet to the web

How to get Google spreadsheet on website? Go to your Gmail account. Click on the Google Apps icon which is placed in upper right corner on Gmail account page.   Then click on Drive icon as seen in image below.   In Google Drive go to My Drive and select Google Sheets.   After selecting Google sheets link Google spreadsheet […]

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Basic HTML

HTML stands for HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. HTML is basic language used in web designing.  This language use for display content on webpages. HTML built from tags and it’s documents starts from document type declaration (DTD), it define document type. Now day’s HTML-5 is popular for web designing. Basic Structure of HTML document <!DOCTYPE html> <html> […]

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